Pre birth paternity test

Pre birth paternity test and the benefits of it.

When you are pregnant sometimes you don't want to wait until after your baby is born to find out the results of who the father is. Waiting till the baby is born can cause a great deal of unneeded stress on you while you are pregnant. You will find that now there are ways that you can get a
pre birth paternity test preformed that is non-invasive and causes no risk to your unborn child. The testing results also come back much more quickly than test did in the past. This means your waiting time is drastically reduced.

Like asking a friend to tell you a secret.

48 Hours DNA Test Results.

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Non-Invasive Pre Birth Paternity Test

With the non-invasive pre birth paternity test all you need to do is have your blood drawn. You do need to be a certain gestation before this test can be performed. The alleged father is going to need to have his blood collected as well. This means that he will need to be willing to come to our center for his part of the testing.

Invasive Pre Birth Paternity Test

The first methods that were used for testing women that were pregnant were amniocentesis and CVS. With these test you also have to be a certain gestation before the test can be performed. However, these tests pose a small risk to the unborn child. This could result in miscarriage although it is not likely. However, most women would prefer not to have the chance of something going wrong over a test like this.

Choosing the Best Method

You are the only one that is able to choose the method that is right for you. However, we are here to help you make the decision. When at all possible it is advisable to not risk harming the baby. With the new non-invasive testing you can avoid any chance of harming the baby at all. The test is also much less painful for the mother.

With the benefits of these testing methods now you will be able to have the known father of the baby there for the birth if you choose to. This can take a great deal of weight off your shoulders and we understand just how complicated these situations can be.

You will also find that if you have more than one possible father of the baby you can go ahead and have all of them tested at the same time. Many times you will find that at the least this will give you a discounted rate on the other test and sometimes it could even be of no additional cost to you.

So when you need
DNA testing before you deliver your bundle of joy make sure that you look into a pre birth paternity test with our center. We will make sure that you understand everything that is going on before and after the test is completed. We are here to serve you and make sure that your needs and wants are met. We also have more than 2,500 different locations so that you are sure to find a center that is close enough for you to be able to get the necessary testing that you need performed.
Fully Licensed.
Paternity Center™ is fully licensed we provide 100% accurate DNA test result, these results cannot be disputed and can be used in a court of law.
We provide DNA testing all over the world even if you and the over tested party are in different state or country.
We offer complete confidentiality with testing all testing and results are for your eyes only.
Ways to collect samples:By Paternity Center™
Self-made cheek swab, FTA Classic Card, Whole Blood
Cord Blood, Bloodstains, Sperm (Semen), Toenail or Fingernail Clippings,
Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villus Sampling, Fetal Tissue ,Chewed Chewing Gum 
Cigarette Butts, Hard Candy, Used Condom
Semen Stains On Clothing, Used Tampons or Used Feminine Pads, Sweaty Hat or Ball Cap
Hocked Loogie (spit), Plucked Hair, Q-tips with earwax
Snotty Kleenexes, Urine, Electric Razor Debris.
If you have questions or would like to discuss any of the tests listed above, feel free to give us a call.

Fees and Methods of Payment:
methods of payment 
cash, money orders, pay-pal, cashiers checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).
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