Immigration DNA Testing

Immigration DNA Testing Preserves Families
Families, no matter their origin, matter.
At the Paternity Center we not only believe this to be true, at all of our 2,500 plus locations, we work to prove it.

Immigration DNA testing
is one way we do this, by ensuring that if it's DNA proof you need to reunite your family, you have access to testing that will provide that.

Like asking a friend to tell you a secret.

48 Hours DNA Test Results.

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Immigration is often the lifeblood of many countries, with new immigrants coming in, building jobs and communities and adding to the cultural mosaic of a region. In many cases, as has been from the beginning, only one or more family member will immigrate, establish themselves, and then send for their remaining family.
There are times, however, when officials require proof of family relationship and this is where immigration DNA testing shines. No matter the family relationship, DNA can help establish its claim.


We specialize in
paternity DNA at the Paternity Center, and one of uses of this test is to establish that someone is, indeed, an immigrant father seeking to be reunited with his children.
Though the laws governing immigration can be obscure and vary widely, one of the firmest family relationships is that of a parent and child. We can provide just the proof you need for this part of your application.

Maternal Relationship

Though, of course, mothers usually know the children they have borne, there are various reasons why someone might need to prove they are the mother of a child.
That she immigrated first and is bringing her children over later may be one of these reasons.
DNA testing for immigration purposes will help prove to authorities and all concerned that a mother and child relationship exists.


In some cases, the siblings of immigrants are also allowed visas for immigration purposes.
Immigration DNA testing is often vital to proving a sibling relationship and can be used to make the case before the authorities involved.
The Paternity Center has great experience in providing this proof, and we will make sure that the testing is easy and the results are received quickly.


A family's elders are important.
Not only are they often founts of information about family history and relationships, they can help connect the young to their past.
immigration purposes and proving family relationships, testing the DNA of the grandparents can also fill the last slot needed to bring the family together.

We at the Paternity Center are experienced in immigration
DNA testing and can answer many questions that you may have.
If you've gotten a notice, or have been referred by a lawyer to testing services and are not sure what to do, don't worry.
We know what to do and will have experts available for you to consult in order to set your worries at rest.
Our many locations means that you will likely be able to find a center near you where you and other family members will be able to get your testing done. Visit us online to find a location near you.
Fully Licensed.
Paternity Center™ is fully licensed we provide 100% accurate DNA test result, these results cannot be disputed and can be used in a court of law.
We provide DNA testing all over the world even if you and the over tested party are in different state or country.
We offer complete confidentiality with testing all testing and results are for your eyes only.
Ways to collect samples:By Paternity Center™
Self-made cheek swab, FTA Classic Card, Whole Blood
Cord Blood, Bloodstains, Sperm (Semen), Toenail or Fingernail Clippings,
Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villus Sampling, Fetal Tissue ,Chewed Chewing Gum 
Cigarette Butts, Hard Candy, Used Condom
Semen Stains On Clothing, Used Tampons or Used Feminine Pads, Sweaty Hat or Ball Cap
Hocked Loogie (spit), Plucked Hair, Q-tips with earwax
Snotty Kleenexes, Urine, Electric Razor Debris.
If you have questions or would like to discuss any of the tests listed above, feel free to give us a call.

Fees and Methods of Payment:
methods of payment 
cash, money orders, pay-pal, cashiers checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).
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