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Important Information About DNA Testing

Various Important Facts About DNA Testing

There are many different reasons that one may need to take a DNA test, while verifying paternity is often the number one cause of those who seek
DNA testing, it is not the only reason. There are many varying vital facts about DNA testing that some are unaware of. Paternity center wants to make sure you are fully aware of how DNA testing works, the way that it can be done and the different elements that may be required. Below we will lay out some of the key aspects about DNA testing that may be surprising to you.

Firstly, DNA stand for deoxyribonucleic acid and it is part of how we specify living organisms. DNA testing is the process that can be done where a person's DNA is examined and often compared to the DNA of another individual to establish certain DNA markers and if the two people are related. Various other things can be determined through DNA testing as well, such as family history for disease, ancestry and many other things. Another thing that you should know about DNA testing is that it can be performed many different types of ways. Blood tests can be used to find DNA, as can hair follicles and also the saliva taken from the inside of a person's mouth.

While DNA testing is used for many different reasons, it is often done for peace of mind. Contrary to popular belief you do not need both parents to perform a DNA test. One or both grandparents and sometimes even siblings can be used in the parent's absence. DNA testing is also used to determine relationships between long lost siblings. In instances of DNA testing for this particular reason, neither of the parents are necessary to determine whether or not two people are siblings. Both of their DNA is sufficient in these cases.

An imperative thing to know about
DNA testing is that results generally take about 4-10 business days to be completed. Many people think it takes longer than that but you should be assured that it doesn't take that long at all and is a relatively quick and easy process. DNA testing and the viability of kinship is a serious matter and you shouldn't have to wait any longer than is completely necessary to get the results. DNA test results are completely confidential so there should be no concern of test results being available to any and everyone. There is one exception here and that is when the court system is involved because at that point, depending on the case, the results can be made public.

It is important that you have all of the facts about DNA testing and that it no longer seems like a strange and unfamiliar thing. DNA testing has been around for many years and technology is only making it faster, quicker and more reliable. Now that you know more about DNA testing do not hesitate to take advantage of the many different services that we offer at Paternity center. We have
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